Falkland Islands Squid Fishery

The Falklands’ squid fishery is currently licensed as two separate fishing seasons (from February to May and from August to October) to exploit the biannual squid migration through the fishing grounds.


Observers are primarily deployed on board the mid-water squid (Loligo gahi) trawlers to monitor the seal interactions with the trawl gear and the effectiveness of the Seal Exclusion Devices (SEDs), which are secured to the net.


Specific observer objectives include:

  • Validating compliance with respect to SED dimensions

  • Monitoring the number of seals caught, released alive, recaptured and mortalities. 

  • Measuring 200 squid for biometrics;

  • Undertaking seabird observations;

  • Measuring juvenile toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides)

  •  Reporting on aspects of the licensing conditions such as seabird bycatch mitigations and crew safety and welfare.